We tried sucking out debris from the bar. I took it off, though, and touched the two wires together, and can hear a soft clicking sound from the fireplace. This is a quick guide to using your Gazco fire. Pilot Lights Warning: Working with gas and gas appliances is dangerous. I have just put a new battery in the Remote Control JA: I'll do all I can to help. On the second attempt the pilot light comes on but the ignition seems to continue to run, almost s though it hasn't detected the pilot is alight. I appreciate this thread is over 5 years old, but I have a similar problem with a Harmony Elite and a Gazco Studio Slimline hole in the wall gas fire that appears to have an RF remote - there is no visible light coming out of the front of the remote when viewed via a digital camera, and it controls the fire regardless of the direction the remote is pointed in, so I guess it's not IR? The pilot light will ensure that the gas is constantly being burnt and producing the heat we desire. Locate and light the pilot light: It’s often labeled “pilot light,” and can be a small hole in the bottom of the oven, front center near the door opening, or in a back corner. hi everyone, I have got a gas fire for repair (valor heartbeat - radiant/convecter ) very soon, the problem is it sometimes the pilot doesn't light or it takes while then lights but sparking is … If not, continue. If it’s safe to do so, turn off your hazard lights and retry step #1. The pilot was working just fine before but the fireplace itself would not stay lit. If your pilot light is working but the main burner doesn’t turn on, the problem is probably the thermostat. If the vent free gas logs or vented gas logs still will not ignite, the most likely culprit is a dirty pilot light, or a pilot light that is not lit. Therefore, most modern appliances do not have a pilot light. I know not to mess with Gas Fires, but I have a Brilliant Sensation Gas Fire. The gas installation company who fitted the fire have visited but cannot get it to work. The fire hasn't been serviced for nearly 3 years cos I haven't had the cash. :eek: Any tips from those in the know would be much appreciated. I have the exact same problem, but your answer is not applicable at all. Then you can let go of the button. However, if the pilot light is not working then the same amount of gas will still be fed through the pipe and will continue to accumulate – which of course is dangerous. Hazard Warning Lights. Apparently, this sensor is not working. Lighting should take place after around 20 seconds - you press a button at the side of the fire unit for around three seconds: a constant tone is heard while there is a ticking noise from somewhere inside the fire. Our UK and overseas suppliers may fall under different sets of Covid-19 restrictions and may also be impacted by the new … Here are some typical problems and solutions to check if your unit isn’t working properly. If the pilot light is out, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for re-lighting it. Gas Work Gazco living flame fire has pilot ignition but no gas coming through to light fire. Hi, I have a Baxi Bermuda inset boiler with a coal-effect gas fire. Then you light the pilot light and wait for the thermocouple to heat up (about 30 seconds). I relit the pilot light after over 10 years of it being off. Furnace Pilot Light Troubleshooting. I am sitting here in a hat and sleeping bag (not so fab and groovy, but very money saving I know) with my teeth chattering because the ignition on my living flame gas fire won't ignite. If at any point the area smells excessively of gas and you can not determine the cause, call an expert for help immediately. Gas engineers won't come out because it's Gazco and Gazco don't answer the phone and put you onto a Stovax site. You can hear a click but no woosh and no gas. I have gas, the burners work on the range top, the pilot is lit for the oven burner, but gas isn't flowing into the burner so it can't light. The pilot lights and stays lit. With any gas-fired appliance, if a strong smell of gas is present, do not try to relight the pilot or turn the appliance on, or turn any lights on or off. We at Stovax Gazco have every intention to remain open and continue with the manufacturing and distribution of our products going forward. Baxi gas fire will not light? Repeat the above steps if the pilot does not stay lit NOTE: If the pilot goes out, the Interlock system prevents you lighting again for a short period 2.11 If, after repeating the above steps the pilot does not light, Ask a tradesman. Remote control never lights pilot first time and never has done, the batteries in the fire do not last more than a month and it is very expensive to run. You can switch on the fire with the push of a button or even by remote control and have an attractive and warm fire view almost immediately. If your remote start is broken or not working these 10 tips will help get it working again! 4. Get out of the house, leaving the door open, and call the gas company or the fire department immediately to report a leak. ... beep and the pilot will light. When I turn it on, it starts up, normal amounts of flame. I have a Gazco 8485 gas fire which fails to light. I have a Gazco gas fire with remote control When trying to turn on the remote control peeps as normal but then has a faster continuous beep and won't ignite. The pilot comes on nice and quickly, and stays on, but the fireplace will not light. I believe that the silver one is the pilot gas supply. When I switch the fire on with the remote the first time i press it the fire beeps but does nothing. Without the pilot light, the released gas will not burn and flood into the room, causing “invisible” danger. This is a common issue that many homeowners overlook. We put in a new thermo pile and light switch, but it still won't light up the whole bar. Gazco sent us some extra instructions, which we tried, but it still doesn't work. The boiler is fine, but the gas fire will not light. gazco fire pilot on remote not work dalkey Dublin is job number 248517 posted at Tradesmen.ie. The pilot is lit 2.10 Keep the knob depressed for 10 seconds before releasing. At first I assumed the thermostat was not working as it's fairly old. The local gas installation company cannot help any further as it is a technical issue - so suggested we get a Gazco … And one determines if the pilot is lit to allow the flame to light. The pilot light for your gas fireplace is an ignition source. Similarly, make sure that the pilot flame is actually reaching the thermocouple. Pilot Light. It appears that of the other two, one determines if the pilot is lit to allow the pilot lit supply to stay on, which apparently is working because the pilot stays on. We left the pilot lit for a long time to see if it would ever come on. Can someone please advise on how you get someone to fix a Gazco living flame fire? Continue to hold the reset button as you ignite the lighter. Follow our demonstration to use this effective but simple handset to switch your appliance on, turn it off and adjust the flame height – all from the touch of a button. A step by step guide to using the functions of your Gazco fire or stove via the standard remote control. Alleyne says to look for and clear out any debris between the igniter and thermocouple. Read more to learn what to do if your pilot light went out on the gas stove. If you’ve got it, refer to the appliance manual for instructions. While the pilot light is ignited, use a flashlight to look into the pilot hole opening. Gas fires and gas heaters are maintenance-friendly. Make sure the thermostat is on and that the current room temperature is below the thermostat setting. You can use a long match or roll a piece of paper into a long tube to use to light the pilot light. If gas is coming out of the pilot, but it still won't light, the spark igniter could be the problem. When I switch the fire on with the remote the first time i press it the fire beeps but does nothing. I have a Gazco 8485 gas fire which fails to light. » Gas Work Questions » Question #10600. If the pilot fails to light, press the ON/OFF button. As I can't find the manual am I correct in saying that once it's lit the only way to turn it fully off is at the main valve?It has two ceramic heating elements - the right one lights when it's first turned on then the other lights at an additional turn of the knob. This was working not even 2 weeks ago, and to my knowledge, nothing has changed other than the temperature outside has dropped about 20 degrees. Light the pilot light valve with a long lighter. I have a gas fireplace with a wall switch. Unless the flame is bright blue in color, it isn’t providing enough heat for the thermocouple to work properly. Bring the flame to the pilot light valve and hold it steady until you see the pilot light reignite, then release the reset button. To post your own job or to view similar jobs go to Gas Fitters Dublin Description: the remote for my Gazco Clarendon fire is not working - battery ok, cannot do it manually - pilot light is on Budget: €30 - €100 When to Proceed: Immediately As a safety precaution, the remote start system is fully disabled while hazard lights are on. A more detailed explanation is found in the main Instructions for Use, Installation and Servicing. Each step is demonstrated clearly on Gazco appliances and in real time so you can work alongside one of our technicians and also listen to our commentary to get you up and running quickly and easily. Managed to get it working by giving the pilot light area a good scrub with a toothbrush and applied a few squirts from an air duster. Not to fret, electric fireplaces are fairly straightforward devices and there’s probably a logical reason the heat or flames may not be working. This video will take you through the steps required to pair your standard remote control handset to the control unit of your fire or stove. 3 return visits from the engineer and 2 lots of new parts from Gazco have failed to get the fire working and we were left over the Christmas period without a fire. The pilot remains lit. Resolve and prevent problems with a gas fire. Pilot light is lit. The problem with pilot lights is that they waste a lot of gas. The pilot light is the light on the surface of the stove on each of your burners that “guide” the gas into burning when they are released from the pipeline. Any gas furnace uses a pilot light to trigger the burners to heat your home. Pilot light stays on with no problem, but the main fire won't ignite when you flick the switch on the side. Then it turns a blue flame, and slowly disappears until even the pilot light goes out. Once it is hot, the thermocouple is generating the electricity needed to hold the value open. Is this something easy to fix or will it be an expensive call out for a Gas Safe engineer the pilot ( ).

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