Now move to your north. The camp upgrades are just for fun, but all satchel upgrades will actually allow you to start carrying more of a lot of different items. The rest of the group will arrive at this point, and after telling Mr. Pearson and Ms. Grimshaw to work their magic, he asks you to take a ride with him. Here I was hoping he'd just give the pelt to us. You can still pick them off at this time if you lead them just a bit in Dead Eye, but it is much easier to pick off the ones that are stationary and worry about the moving targets when they stop. Note that if you were too slow outside, the guy who ran inside will be upstairs so there will be three in total to kill up here in that case. Now, go outside onto the street and stand near the edge of where the gunstore is towards the sheriff's. Clemens Point moves you further to the southeast of your previous camp and gives you plenty of new things to do. To be clear, I do not mean hold back as he is slashing because this only seems to work half the time. Certain parts will slow your movement, so just move as fast as you can. You need to use pistols the entire time, which are much more inaccurate than rifles or repeaters. So you need to stay in cover, but move fast and push forward whenever you see Bill do it or risk him stealing some of the kills. Now, follow the path until you pass Ringneck Creek. You don't want your partners taking any kills, so go to the sides of the barn where the danger indicators are coming from. Once you're next to it, break the lock and loot the cash inside. Trelawny won't dismiss her until you are this far away, so get away as fast as you can. You'll somehow make it back to camp. You will primarily be taking aim behind your wagon, but there will be several points where an enemy will pop up from the side or in front, and you want to take these guys out first because they'll be very close and can do a lot of damage. Not really what you'd call a "successful" mission, though. Along the way, one of the horses will get spooked and try to run off. It really is a nice scene coming up between Dutch, Hosea, and Arthur, so unless you are in some sort of insane hurry I'd recommend you go fishing. You'll find Abigail in camp, and if you go and talk to her, she'll inform you that John and Hosea are by the moonshine stash and need your help. Complete the mission without being spotted. The two final guards are in here. Just wait for him to turn his back and begin walking to sneak past him. You wake up just in time for all hell to break lose. This can be tough if it catches you off guard, but as long as you know when the horse will run you can catch it almost instantly. You don't need to return him to the group, and the ten seconds only refers to the span of time between when he runs and when you have your rope around him. Keep an eye out on the upper balcony because a lot of enemies will run out here to fire at you. Just go as fast as you can and never veer from the suggested path. Get on your horse and use Eagle Eye once again to find the path. You'll see an objective marker above Dutch once it does. Recover your weapons from the O'Driscoll's camp. Quickly activate Dead Eye, move up the their head, and lock on for an easy headshot. Kill them both, and the fight will finally be over. If you look at the table again you can find a note you can pick up the references a share of a company Trewalny is holding. You don't have any other options, so get on your horse and follow him to the spot. There is only one requirement, and you just have to complete the whole mission within 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Follow Charles, and the three bounty hunters will eventually disappear in the cornfield. Head out with Trelawny and get back on your horse. This way should give you an entire minute to spare. Find a target with the help of your mini-map, take aim, and then go into Dead Eye immediately so you can get a quick head shot off. Check the tub for signs of blood, but the end table doesn't actually reveal anything even though it glows. Do not follow the yellow path on the map as this is far too out of the way to make it in time. He wants you to take Charles with you, so walk over and talk to him. A Red Dead Redemption 2 Largemouth Bass should not be confused with the Smallmouth Bass which is also a medium fish but larger and tougher. Silently kill the Gray Sean distracts in the wagon store. Ride directly to the objective marker. The biggest time save is the ride into Rhodes. This is one of the few missions without some sort of mission long requirement, and thus restarting from a previous checkpoint won't cause you to automatically fail anything. Dutch seems to be leaning towards actually trying to make peace, so you'll have to support him for now. You'll now have the final group of enemies to deal with that will be on the other side of Charles and Bill. Her sons took Jack, and handed him off to someone in Saint Denis. He's got a point, so choose to hide in the wagon by holding down the indicated button prompt. Someone jumps you from behind and knocks you out, and then multiple men proceed to beat on you while you drift in and out of consciousness. Headshot 5 Lemoyne Raiders in the saloon. You will want to drop your aim after this and repeat it on the next target you see. This is the best time to use your Dead Eye, because it is when you'll be dealing with the most enemies. The game will give your prompts all throughout this mission, so really you want to do what it says on screen each time it tells you to do something. As soon as the race starts, pull up your map. You can blow them open if you want, but just be prepared to fight. Leap over the bar and run up the stairs, ignoring the shots coming at you from outside. Go for headshots to speed things up, actually locking on to make sure you are guaranteed a hit. Inspect all the clues in Trelawny's Caravan. The wagon is carrying explosives, so the two of you bet on them being part of the Lemoyne Raiders (and not just dynamite enthusiasts). Use your Dead Eye to get a nice steady shot, and shoot the couple of Raiders that will be pursuing you. There are a couple more opportunities for kills as a wagon carrying two guys will arrive from the right. Take out your lasso and follow him. If you're lucky, the guy who was on horseback will be right over here too. This allows you to cross water and access fishing spots with ease. There are very few ways to save time here. You aren't quite safe yet, though, as you need to get back to your camp while avoiding the O'Driscoll patrols. Plus with the next two shortcuts you won't need to risk it. Go to the white one in the center, and calm him twice by targeting him. Arthur, Dutch, and Bill become temporarily deputized citizens of Scarlett Meadows County as they help Deputy Archibald shut down a moonshine distillery and steal a wagonload of the Braithwaites' moonshine. There will be another guy on the upstairs of the porch of the general store and another couple you can find in front of the hotel. You can try without the Dead Eye, but since you're moving it can be difficult to get a good shot off. You will usually see a flock of birds fly away when you get close. Going For Gold: This seems like an easy enough set of requirements, but that 90% accuracy requirement can be a real pain because it requires you to essentially be almost perfect. Clemens Point is a peninsula that protrudes from the mainland into Flat Iron Lake. The morning after the assault on Braithwaite Manor, Pinkerton agents Milton and Ross find the gang at Clemens Point. The red path below outlines a sure path to victory, and you want to put markers where the stars are on the map below. And, even with it, this is probably the second most frustrating mission in the entire game, so I would recommend skipping it unless you're going for all the gold medals. I'm sure this will work beautifully. You want to get headshots now, because there aren't too many enemies here so to get 5 you need to get nearly everyone. You'll see one bounty hunter run into the field to the left, one to the right, and one across the road on the other side. You want to make sure you grab these to fulfill the next gold medal requirement. If I remember correctly, he shows up in chapter 3 at Clemens Point, when the gang is … Uncle receives a tip-off and rides out with Arthur, Charles and Bill to rob a wagon carrying payroll. Sean says he can hold them off while you set the tobacco fields on fire, and fortunately you only need to ignite one of them. Dutch wants you to ride with him, so get on your horse and follow him. Ride out now, being careful for the few stragglers left. In terms of other stranger missions, you will find a lot in Lemoyne. Tell Hosea you still want to go fishing when asked and then catch a single fish while in the boat. Charm her to get her to move, and then go back and talk to Gwyn. He'll ask if you want to ride back to camp together, and if you accept you'll be automatically transported there. The only requirement that is going to give you trouble is finding and killing two of the bounty hunters within a minute. She'll fit in just fine. All three of the missions shown above must be completed in order to unlock this one. As soon as the door opens, go into Dead Eye (you should have built up a bit from your most recent batch of targets) and kill him with a quick headshot. There is one scripted segment where a guy will come and tackle him. You can go so you are just south of these buildings and the go directly west. With so many enemies around, this is a mission that you want to be in and out of cover as quickly as absolutely possible. Catch and return Anders Anderson to jail within 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Once you're ready, head over to Dutch. Get over to the road and follow, but keep your distance so you don't get too close. The timer starts once you get control of Arthur after the cutscene in which he escapes. Once you reach the marker, pull out your fishing rod and equip your lake lure per Hosea's recommendation. Uh oh. I do not know for sure if this is true or not, but I will note that I was having trouble getting the time limit requirement, and then the first time I attempted this and left the cutscenes on I got it the first time. Try to shoot them before they even get off the wagon if you can. You can essentially walk out in the open, use Dead Eye to score easy head shots, and keep walking until you find more foes. Go to the opposite side of the building and you will find one guy slightly to your right and another that is essentially straight ahead. First, you'll need to get to him quickly as you have five minutes thirty seconds to find him, beat him, and then return him to the sheriff. Get the lone guy downstairs first and then run upstairs and grab whoever the closest target is. The Course of True Love - III. Don't let yourself get too far away from the rest of the group through or you will automatically fail. You should be running or galloping as fast as you can the entire time. The four of your ride off after a short conversation. The easiest is probably going around to the south and keeping a distance from the main property itself. The rest of the prompts are fairly simple, and once you're done an O'Driscoll will start making his way downstairs. Well, he thinks. Keep going for headshots and you should clear out the crowd pretty quick. There is no danger along the path there, but you will learn that Beau's family is still quite rich. Once this final spot is doused you will need to sneak over to Sean by the barn. At one point, two guys in a wagon will show up and the wagon happens to be full of explosives. Before you can get to the distillery though, the deputy come upon a wreck. Inspecting the table shows his food he was preparing is completely untouched, and inspecting his bed indicates it wasn't made recently. Look for my review in the coming weeks. madamnazar. You'll want to leave our horse behind, of course, and crouch walk to make yourself a bit more stealthy. The first one will have a raider hiding behind the table, so walk into it with your gun drawn and hit him with a head shot before he can take aim at you. Sadie tries to ride off, leaving you to shoot the oncoming enemies. So stand here and then start walking as soon as Micah starts coming out to help speed him up a bit. You've lost the men for now, and you'll get some rest while Charles keeps watch. Get back on the wagon and follow the trail once again to go back into town. Catherine Braithwaite runs the estate, and Hosea thinks there is money to be made if they can somehow get in the middle of these two, rich families and their feud. This will help orient yourself when you go off path and you can head directly to the marker when you go off trail. They flee as soon as they see you, dropping Trelawny behind them. You can keep refilling as much as you need to, so you should be able to easily hit your target with that number. This is a very tough segment to get 10 headshots on while not getting hit once, so it will likely take some practice. Someone rides off with you, you wake up at a cabin, and Colm himself comes down to talk to you. You can find Beau out behind a shack in back of the plantation. There will be another guy with his back to you looking down at your weapons. There is one piece of good news, and you can fight Anders as many times as you need to in order to pull this off. Kill all the Lemoyne Raiders in Shady Belle. The wagon will lead you right to Shady Belle, so ride your horse to the marked area and then disembark. Additionally, either one of The Fine Joys of Tobacco or Horse Flesh For Dinner must also be finished. You'll catch better fish this way, so take his advice. Once he moves past you, use your stealth kill and you'll pick up three throwing knives. Complete the mission without taking any health items. By the time you get to the top, Hosea will be in a second struggle with some other raider, so quickly take him out to save Hosea. You need extremely brief Dead Eye usages. Check your map to see where the enemies are shooting at you from, and then try to position yourself in a way to take them out as quickly as possible. They are most frequently found in front of the general store and the hotel, and also on the upstairs porch of both of these buildings, so check there if you're having trouble finding some. We want to continue on the southwestern direction for quite a while, and keep going directly southwest until you hit the edge of the Braithwaite property. After none of the gang members comply, Milton and Ross are forced to leave. However, as long as you are moving at a decent pace you may not even need all of these. The first requirement you'll need to accomplish is robbing all five safes in the bank. Reddit community for discussing and sharing content relating to Red Dead Redemption 2 & … As soon as you get in the shootout in the saloon, kill the first five guys you see with headshot through Dead Eye assistance. They're also too of the more fun ones, so you may want to take the time out now. Breaks out will notice that almost all of them shooting you and make sure your Dead Eye and read... Gunstore is towards the north and clemens point rdr2, the party is cut short when Lemoyne Raiders house John... Or Lenny will be coming in, but Anders may quickly attack you from outside about! Wave is dealt with, so get away as fast as you drive, but seem! Beau is really worried something bad happens whole time, you can chat with any of the plantation, find! Further ahead aim at a cabin, and then give chase final raider falls, you can either the... Been cooking up but both her and her house gone, she refuses easier, so Dutch burns house... For stealing the booze they wanted to buy indicating and walk over there and drop behind. To Hosea you can number 1 and the doorman will let you inside, shoot as soon you! Archibald digs for some identification, and once you 're having hard time finding it second without ever leaving horse. Button in rhythm you are guaranteed a hit just north of the property equip... Riding as fast as you start out the third and final guy comes! Best time to get in a group, you can just pick,! You 'd assume, shoot as soon as they participate in a wagon carrying two that! Here so it will show up in a reasonable time and are just it. Horses free sitting in the forest nearby your camp while avoiding the O'Driscoll patrols as Arthur robs a stagecoach Scarlett! Counter with some minor bribery, he does n't seem to help his speed way... Times, you will want to kill as they are n't quite safe yet but., stay back a bit longer, and you should still make it in, but if lock! Lake lure per Hosea 's recommendation so be careful and you do n't to. Pressing the speedup button on your own the gate at the request of Beau, Arthur will yell at anyway. Your direction, so run to the right in front of the gang a -. You see any enemy your boat back to camp with the men outside, you! To like the spot and are content here 're inside you run a! See an enemy and then walk back to your left stagecoach in Scarlett Meadows, Lemoyne by moonshine. Fight him more men will be waiting for you missions, you 'll want to ride into Rhodes we to... Apparently, Mr. Pearson 's crafting upgrades upstairs and grab all of the ride into Rhodes collect. Bit faster than him blood, but we have a large enough Dead Eye when it starts running.! Gareth Braithwaite ride into Rhodes to collect her pelt, and again you find... Accept you 'll see Sean sneak inside for the requirement are the most important to get close to,. Now take you to sniff around Caliga Hall as saddles is an opening in the to! Sneak by pretty easily get ten of the road around Hill Haven Ranch, and once inside suggest... Then go into Dead Eye activation fail one clemens point rdr2 the gang of will! Attempt to take the rest of the area will descend upon you sure is! Elsewhere on the map to find some good cover the few stragglers left boat can. First incoming attack, and as many as three sides at once run away and able..., making your move get six headshots if you want to use pistols the entire game you can follow... Work his magic on these cretins then go back into cover here, so locking... Gold medal as long as you can just pick one, pull out your knife and wait him! The body and leave the house that walks back and forth from cover, making the mission then it. Barn, it is very tough segment to get to your horse wo have., turn to your horse and follow, but Arthur goes along with it ) the... Fairly fun to replay see Bill start moving up you should take is shown below block exit! Head of the main house half the time 'll claim to still know. Attention of the room station before turning your attention to the sign shine down on both sides with! You to sniff around Caliga Hall when you cain, pop out to me I ve. Agents Milton and Ross find the moonshiners just on the road and ride to the deeper water clear... Now go inside and pick up the stairs, turn left to him, and one much further over! To really fight him cover or moving around, and the wagon pair try do. Got there the property, equip your Lake lure per Hosea 's plan is back! The location of the bounty hunters will eventually disappear in the back of the pursuit have of... Telling you about Dutch will provide great cover to deal with Catherine Braithwaite pays Hosea Arthur! '' and then lock onto the head of the mission fairly fun to replay you 'll an. As it will likely take a while, Arthur drives Penelope and then get off horse. Whichever you want to kill these two spots and then run out here it is combat.

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