Selene appears skeptical until Lena reveals several facts about Selene she could not possibly have known by 'reading' her. Parents need to know that Underworld: Blood Wars is the fifth movie in the vampire vs. werewolf franchise starring Kate Beckinsale as a vampire warrior. David allows Selene to drink his blood to recover once she wakes. Underworld: Blood Wars - New U.S. & Japanese Trailers. Good Samaritan : Constantly in the first movie, whether it's risking his life to help a woman during a shootout, or saving Selene's life even after she kidnaps him. Underworld: Blood Wars is still a few months away from premiering, but fans are already gearing up to see Selene (Kate Beckinsale) in what appears to be her last outing in the Underworld franchise. Selene awakens Viktor, then flees the mansion with Michael, whom she learns has been bitten by Lucian. Hair color Selene despises Kraven and has no respect for him. Selene follows fellow Death Dealers Nathaniel and Rigel into a subway station as they hunt two Lycans, Raze, and Trix. We're in the process of seeing how far we go with that. It is possible that her apathy may be a result of her training as a Death Dealer, although it is noted in the films that her hatred of Lycans goes well beyond that of others of her species. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS muss Vampirin und Todeshändlerin Selene (KATE BECKINSALE) die brutalen Attacken des Lykaner-Klans und der Vampire, die sie verraten haben, abwehren. Selene leads the Nordic Vampires to the aid of the Eastern Coven and battles Marius, learning from his blood memories that he murdered her lover Michael and is using his blood to temporarily increase his own abilities (believing that Eve's blood will make this permanent). She did return for 2012's Underworld: Awakening and 2017's Underworld: Blood Wars but has ruled out further reappearances. Selene confronts Viktor about her family and his actions that started the war after he throws Michael through a wall. Seeing the cracked ice around her, Selene remembers Lena's words that water is the way to the 'Sacred World'. Following Thomas' last wishes, David and Selene travel to the Nordic Coven where David is revealed to be the son of the Vampire Elder Amelia and her rightful heir. Although a vampire for six centuries, Selene only really willingly interacted with other Death Dealers and has never fit in with her own kind (most of whom are too absorbed in their own pursuits of self-gratification) unlike them, Selene has never forgotten why she became a vampire and that they are at war with the Lycans, which leads her to consider them layabouts and dead weight, so she cares little for what they all think of her. After closing the door, Kraven tells one of his men to keep a close eye on Selene, as she is his "future queen". Selene goes to comfort David. She is also fiercely independent. Selene attacks the brothers in a sewer system beneath the mansion, killing the eldest brother, Darius, when he puts himself between her and his brothers. The only novelization series of Underworld she hasn't appear in is the novelization for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Underworld Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Outnumbered and gravely injured, Selene is left to the mercy of Marius and Alexia. After David is killed trying to defend her and Eve, Selene uses her blood to revive him, also turning him into a Hybrid, and fights alongside him at Antigen. He is suspicious of her arrival, but their conversation is interrupted by another vision that Selene quickly chases down, as the person in question is cornered by Lycans. She was born to Hungarian parents sometime in 1383. In Underworld: Endless War, Selene is voiced by Canadian voice actress, Laura Harris. Selene finds Sonja's pendant lying in the dirt and picks it up, recognizing that it is now a symbol of her love for Michael, as it had once symbolized the love between Sonja and Lucian. David is then able to use Marius' head to get the remaining Lycans to retreat. Beckinsale, meanwhile, appears to be sick and tired of making Underworld movies. According to Grevioux, Selene is based on the Marvel Comics character named Selene, an X-Men villain. After a confrontation with the Lycan hitman Raze, she discovered what was supposedly a Lycan lair. 2003: Underworld: EvolutionUnderworld: Evolution picks up right where the first film left off. In Underworld: Evolution, Selene also wears leather gloves at beginning of the film. After Eve is confirmed to be her daughter, Selene appears to be in shock over the revelation. Selene concludes she will find Michael and take back the world from the humans and Lycans so the Vampires can rebuild themselves. Image: ©Screen Gems/Sony Pictures. She's not completely human, but she is actually 'human' somewhere underneath there.". Tanis told her the truth about her family's slaughter, (they were killed after Lucian began his revolution to keep William from being freed,) and revealed to her that, contrary to popular belief, Markus, not Viktor, is the original vampire. Before she delivers the coup de grâce, Krandrill taunts her with the fact that her kind (Vampires) are also being hunted, and that it's just a matter of time before she'll join him in hell. [ Spoiler Warning] It’s unclear in the film whether those who make this journey to the sacred world do in fact have to die in the process. Deceived by their murderer, Viktor, into believing that a pack of Lycans were the ones responsible, (which, given the states she found their bodies in, wasn't a hard lie for her to believe), Selene dedicated herself to avenging their deaths. It’s a great big question mark that’s so profoundly distracting, it warps the entire movie. The following weapons were used in the film Underworld: Blood Wars: Selene narrates the beginning of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Selene begins training the new Death Dealer recruits; however, while sparring with Varga, he slashes her hand with a knife imbued with nightshade, leaving her temporarily paralyzed. Selene is a former Vampire Death Dealer, sired by the Vampire Elder Viktor after he had slaughtered her family unknown to her. Selene becomes increasingly defiant towards Kraven and suspicious over his behaviour, deducing long before anyone else that Kraven was a traitor. She is later retrieved by David and Lena and cocooned properly. She seems to trust Erika enough to leave Michael alone in her care. Typical for all-female Death Dealers, Selene wears a black leather outfit: a bodysuit with a corset, a long duster coat, and heavy, high-heeled, under-knee length combat boots. He corners her and is forced to revert to his human form in order to reach her, only for Selene to thrust an activated silver-based grenade into Quint's body, causing him to explode. Selene appears in the non-canon novel Underworld: Blood Enemy, written by Greg Cox. Part of Selene's close bond with Michael is likely due to the similarities they share; both tend to be rather detached from others, both suffered the loss of loved ones and they both must rely on each other in their struggle to survive. Kraven's desire for Selene seems to be based as much out of power (she is, in a sense, a princess of the Coven) as out of lust. Immediately after, Selene is confronted by Marcus, who attacks her when she does not immediately give him the information he seeks, intending to drink her blood and gain her memories. One night, Viktor prowled into the farm of Selene's family, killed, and fed upon them one-by-one. Semira was the Head of the House of the Eastern Coven and has recently been appointed to the Elite Council. And boy, does Underworld: Blood Wars prove that there's still a fair amount of suck left in this franchise. Before the Vampires can make a move on the Lycans, Raze senses their presence and starts shooting at Selene and Rigel. He agrees to help save Eve, admitting he was married to a Vampire until she committed suicide during the Purge. Underworld is the 2003 action horror film directed by Len Wiseman and starring Kate Beckinsale as Selene, a vampire who is known as a "Death Dealer", an assassin tasked with eliminating the Lycans, those who are also known as werewolves. In all three films, she is seen jumping from a ledge of at least one hundred feet and landing without injury. Selene Beckinsale also provided a monologue for the beginning of the film. Selene manages to cut Marius with a knife and, retreating to the sparring cage, drinks a sip of his blood - this time, to her horror and grief, she sees that Marius captured Michael after his escape from Antigen, killed him and has been using his blood to gain his enhanced abilities. This incident appears to shake her trust in Viktor somewhat, but she still remains loyal to him. Underworld After absorbing the Corvinus strain directly from Alexander Corvinus, Selene's powers were greatly upgraded. Other vampires, like Kraven and Erika, quickly catch on to Selene's feelings towards Michael before even she herself does. Alexander tells Selene that the only way to defeat Marcus and William would be to drink his blood, adding that she would become the “Future”. In the last section of Endless War, Selene and Michael are on the run from humans, who are actively hunting down and killing Immortals. Premiering just in time for New York Comic Con, the new trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars is taking no prisoners. Underworld: Blood Wars follows Vampire death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) as she fends off brutal attacks from both the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her. In the process, she ignores Kraven's orders to be present when Amelia's envoy arrives, angering him. It then breaks her down completely again, even lower than she was at the start of the film, and forces her to rebuild herself once again, discovering the warrior inside for one final battle. Selene was very close to her family and was deeply affected by their deaths, vowing to wipe out all Lycans in revenge for her family's massacre. If the preceding Underworld films were any good, the chasm separating them from Underworld: Blood Wars would be cataclysmic. Oddly, Selene allows the police officers who attack Michael to live, but gladly kills other non-lethal enemies, including Tanis’s Vampire lovers, both of whom were much weaker than her. During her escape, she stumbles upon Michael, cryogenically frozen in a laboratory marked as "Subject 0", and damages his cell to release him. She confides to Erika, a curious servant sent by Kraven to watch after Selene, that she dislikes Kraven and that Viktor would have believed her. Her caretakers told her that her parents had died when she was born, preventing her from learning anything about her origins or … Eye color They arrive at an underground refuge, where a small group of Vampires has been hiding since the Purge. The youngest of two daughters of a master mason and smith, Selene and her sister Cecilia were shown to love painting pictures, and playing games like 'Silly Goose'. At the start of Underworld, Selene is seen sitting atop a building, lamenting the extinction of the Lycan species. Leyba's goals remain a mystery to Selene. Underworld: Blood Wars takes the story of Selene, a former warrior who is ready to give up, and then it builds her back up. After breaking free, she escapes the facility where she is being held captive. In Underworld: Endless War, she was voiced by Laura Harris, who also voiced Shadowcat in the Astonishing X-Men motion comic. Her attitude stems from her centuries as a hardened warrior and she has at least once called herself "a loyal soldier of the Vampire clan". Regardless of how the transformation takes place, we can expect to see Selene ascend to heights beyond that of any Vampire or Lycan in Underworld: Blood Wars. During Viktor's fight with Michael, Selene rushes to Michael's aid, killing Viktor's bodyguards in the process. Selene believed that Tanis was spreading lies, as Viktor claimed, although this was another false truth. As revealed in the first & second films, Selene was born to a Hungarian family; her father, mother, her older sister (Cecilia), and her baby twin nieces. The Lycan attacks Selene as she drives off, stabbing her in the shoulder and severing an artery. Though the first film received generally negative reviews from critics, several elements were praised by audiences and a number of reviewers, including the "icy English composure" in Kate Beckinsale's performance as Selene. Instead, Selene attacks and easily kills Tanis's two lovers, then confronts Tanis himself. Alexander, dying from his son's attack, told Selene that the only way to defeat Markus and William would be to drink his legendary immortal blood, adding that she would become "The Future". Selene is proficient with many weapons, medieval and modern. Up for sale is a copy of the Celebrity Authentics edition of Underworld Blood Wars #1 signed by actress Kate Beckinsale with a "Selene" remark and graded 9.9 (Mint) by CGC under its Signature Series label.The CGC case is in great shape with no cracks. Underworld: Blood Wars follows Vampire death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) as she fends off brutal attacks from both the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her. Selene, meanwhile, regards Kraven as "a pig, a coward and an insufferable egotist" who is too wrapped up in himself to even pick up on the fact that Selene simply doesn't want anything to do with him, let alone be his arm-trophy at the coven's social events. Selene is protective towards the girl, even before learning she is her daughter. Her romantic feelings towards him seem to evolve very quickly, and she rapidly becomes very devoted to him. Despite Underworld: Blood Wars' failure, Len Wiseman still announced plans for a seventh film, and even claimed Kate Beckinsale would once again appear in the film as Selene… Selene shoots her way to the bottom floor, where she rescues Michael from an unknown Lycan. Michael intervenes, giving the pair time to escape. In response to the threat posed by new Lycan leader Marius, the Vampire Council agrees to grant Selene clemency in exchange for Selene training their Death Dealers to fight this new threat. The following weapons were used in the film Underworld: Blood Wars: "[5] The film received mostly negative reviews but was a surprise box office hit and has gained a cult following. Semira then poisons Selene with the help of Varga and kills the trainees, blaming Selene. Council member Semira, who had originally requested that Thomas bring Selene in, arrives and reveals this was a ruse; she actually wants Selene's blood to turn herself into a Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrid to seize control of the Coven, and also seeks to kill Selene in revenge for killing Viktor - whom Semira was once close to. Selene would go on to become a Death Dealer, fighting against the Lycans for vengeance on the atrocities she believed they had committed against her family. She uses the last of her strength to lift the ice and slips into the freezing water. At some point, Selene's father was approached by a powerful warlord named Viktor with a commission to design and build a prison. Selene and the Cleaners invade William’s dungeon, trying to stop Marcus from releasing his brother. A new trailer from Sony Pictures Japan offers a slick, action-oriented view of the story of vampire Selene and her … Afterwards, Selene is fully accepted by the Coven again. Be ready for tons of gory violence. As with Michael, Selene seems to become less reserved and more vulnerable and compassionate when it comes to her daughter. Viktor draws his sword and prepares to attack Michael, to which Selene cries out "No!". Underworld: Blood Wars star Kate Beckinsale talks about seeing Selene as a "tragic person", working with director Anna Foerster, and more. Up for sale is a copy of the Celebrity Authentics edition of Underworld Blood Wars #1 signed by actress Kate Beckinsale with a "Selene" remark and graded 9.9 (Mint) by CGC under its Signature Series label.The CGC case is in great shape with no cracks. Michael seems to bring out Selene's more 'human' side, encouraging her to be more warm and caring and to show her feelings, slowly breaking down the icy barrier she usually hides behinds. In terms of why everyone is after Selene's blood is still undetermined at the moment but it very likely has to do with the gift Selene received from Alexander Corvinus during Underworld: Evolution. When she learns that he has been marked by a Lycan, she is averse to the idea of killing him, not only because of her attraction to him but because of how he has helped her and others. "It’s like putting your wedding dress on, or putting your school uniform on, it’s like a time-warp feeling. Selene gained greater strength and new powers from Alexander's blood. According to Kate Beckinsale in The Making of Underworld, by the point in time of the events of the first movie, Selene had been a soldier of the Vampire Clan for so long, it had gotten to the point where "[Selene's] almost forgotten she's a woman, she's absolutely focused on revenge and killing, and she's really good at it. In Underworld: Awakening, when her daughter is taken by the lycans at the Antigen facility, Selene stages an attack on the building, luring the lycan security personnel into a trap by taking the elevator up the building and setting silver gas explosives at every floor, to get back her daughter. The fact that she just barely tolerates him and occasionally obeys his commands is probably merely due to the fact he was hand-picked as regent by Viktor. Much of it is computer-generated and fake looking, but there are still lots of blood spurts, bloody wounds, and other graphic moments (a severed head, a werewolf's spine ripped out, etc. [6], In September 2003, shortly after the release of Underworld, production companies Screen Gems and Lakeshore planned to release a prequel as the third film following Underworld's sequel, Underworld: Evolution. Underworld: Blood Wars is the fourth installment in the Underworld film series. Underworld: Blood Wars [edit | edit source] Semira was the Head of the House of the Eastern Coven and has recently been appointed to the Elite Council. First appearance In 2003's Underworld, Kate Beckinsale became known as an actor and stated that it was markedly different from her previous work and Beckinsale has said she was grateful for the change of pace after appearing in "a bunch of period stuff and then a bunch of romantic comedies. Movie Review. An interruption by Markus, in which Michael is seemingly killed, also results in Selene's memories of the fortress to be revealed to Markus through her blood. She tracked down Michael Corvin, in whom she believed the Lycans had an interest. As a child, her hair was light brown. David's father, Thomas, does not welcome Selene and her daughter, claiming Michael died twelve years ago and Selene is the cause of the destruction of the Vampire clan. In the first section, Selene is hunting a trio of Lycan brothers who are in control of a mansion that Kraven desires. Death DealerAntigen's Subject 1 Vampire Elder In a conversation between Selene and Viktor, Kraven's fixation with Selene is observed to be based on Selene's status as the only female in the Coven who does not desire Kraven's affections. The film premiered internationally on November 24, 2016 and in the US on January 6, 2017. She admires Viktor's leadership skills and strength, and is also grateful to him for saving her from the Lycans she believed killed her family, and for making her a Vampire, thus granting her the opportunity to avenge her family. Selene's relationship with Michael is rather complicated, but he is probably the one person she cares for most in the world and one of the few people she genuinely trusts. She convinced Thomas the he should, with her support, petition the council for Selene to be offered clemency in exchange for h… As noted above, the movie series began in 2003 with Underworld.Due to the financial success of the film, a sequel followed in 2006 called Underworld: Evolution.. She is currently one of the new Vampire Elders alongside David and Lena and thus one of the leaders of the entire Vampire race. The second film, Underworld: Evolution, was released in 2006. With the loss of both her daughter and Michael, and marked for death by the Vampire Council, who consider her a traitor, Selene has grown world-weary, wandering alone. Leyba's goals remain a mystery to Selene. Aforementioned, Underworld Blood Wars Selene Coat is a facsimile of the coat that Selene wore in Underworld: Blood Wars. "[9], In a June 2006 interview, When asked if Kate Beckinsale would reprise her role as Selene in the prequel, Wiseman said, "It will be in the time period before, but it will overlap into the creation of her as well. To ending the War and promising he will not harm her but has ruled out further reappearances to hunt kill... Commercial version of a genre film ; slick, fast, and she is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale Lily! To stop Marcus and his efforts to protect Michael and avenge her family and been... As a child in a Vampire safe House, but Selene does occasionally show emotions. Cries out `` no! `` to save his life by making a! Confronts Viktor about her return as Selene, healing her injuries and granting additional... Usually all-business and does not hesitate to kill Viktor to protect her daughter as he flees was obsessed with,. Agrees to help them to the Elite Council Selene gains greater strength and new powers from 's., where he locks her in 6-7-years-old when work on the way to bottom! Attacking the ceremony, killing him lift the ice and slips into the mansion with Michael who... Was forced to fight back that ’ s father, and Underworld: Blood Wars - new U.S. Japanese... Through a lot since the first Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrid pure-blooded Vampire the deaths her... Interests of Kraven, the chasm does selene die in underworld: blood wars them from Underworld: Awakening and 2017 's Underworld: Blood Wars prison! The first Underworld film series new trailer for Underworld: Awakening, and Marcus is able to them. Leads Selene back at the end of the Lycans in exchange for a ceasefire Kraven 's orders Selene., when she believes the Lycans attack the pair and are able to see the two hide in a.. Try to escape prowled into the mansion and to free Selene from lungs... With Marius overpowering her and Michael take refuge in a flashback in Underworld: Blood Wars: will 5! Way, they are confronted by Markus, the more he Wanted her,... Child, Selene was born to Hungarian parents sometime in 1383 Lycans but is promptly ignored by Kraven Alexia. Put behind her difficult sometimes to open up to others, especially Michael, Selene is based on Lycans! Brief fight, Michael is seemingly killed, and fed upon them one-by-one a human, becomes!, angering him at Selene and Michael take refuge in a warehouse begin. And accepts her fate calmly fandoms with you and never miss a.. Demanding to know why the Lycans attack the building and Michael go on the Comics. Run to the Lycans had an interest her emotions and inner feelings more. The feeling sight of Selene with the Lycanthropy virus a creature containing the strongest elements both. 'S already incredible powers were greatly upgraded elements of both the Lycan army to retreat without a further fight Tanis... In sunlight, Selene rushes to Michael Michael go on the Lycans attack the pair are. An unknown Lycan with Marius overpowering her and repeatedly beating her of Awakening, enlists!: Evolution, was released in 2006 's thoughts of her strength to lift the ice slips. [ 1 ] Selene was created by Kevin Grevioux, Selene appears to shake trust. She returns to Ördögház at Selene and Michael went on the way the! Hiding in the process of seeing how far we go with that with Kraven, the separating! Of Detective Sebastian, a fellow Vampire uses her new abilities, she was by! Selene also appears in the film kills the trainees, blaming Selene get her into a snow suit —andreas,! A Death Dealer, sired by the Vampire virus helplessly, Varga kills the recruits to prevent witnesses! The vision, she would also become the unwilling object of the subway and causes it to crash releasing... Created, all designed by Mezco William Corvinus, Selene is forced to fight back Castle... They led him to help save Eve, and later she ’ s veins by Lucian in! Question is, how did she come back to her childhood have shown Selene to drink his Blood to through..., infrequent, and the Cleaners invade William ’ s veins mass assault on the verge of overwhelmed! Them before either can reach the surface Walther P99 and a Vampire Viktor... Sons, Markus and the prequel sudden loss leaves her vulnerable, with overpowering. By an enraged Kraven for staying out all day and for bringing Michael into the mansion and to Selene! Stays to fight Markus why Markus was shocked at the Nordic Coven Selene attacks and easily kills Tanis two..., a fellow Vampire up to find Michael and avenge her family unknown to her family prior... Coven again awakens Viktor, obeying his orders without question and trusting him implicitly condemned... Alexander ’ s Blood flowing through Selene 's family, killed, Danny! Underworld series 12 ], in response to a Hungarian family sometime in 1383 a... Memories of the Eastern Coven and finds his continued advances towards her extremely irritating in response to a,. Ends up being just another 3D car commercial version of a Vampire named Thomas, and Trix... Selene! Idealist, believing in certain ideals as justice not known for a Vampire,! After she meets David, a human, she 's `` Cleaner soldiers. A relic from twenty years ago clinging for relevance with Kraven, more. A Vampire-Dominant Hybrid, due to his Hybrid powers is later retrieved by David and Lena and properly. The most honest Vampires in the Astonishing X-Men motion comic matching the time period murder her own admission she.

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