About Me

Hi, I'm Kevin Mason, a 29 year old Web Developer living in the Phoenix, AZ Metro Area. I am really big into underground music and most of my free time is spent doing things related to that interest. I make music every so often and I have a few different projects, namely my main band Altarfier which is a Drone/Harsh Noise 2-piece I occasionally play shows with when time permits as well as my solo Depressive Black Metal/Drone/Funeral Doom project known as Dirge of Dread.

In the past I also supported my local scene by volunteering my time and professional skills to a local promoter known as Final Hour Booking. For Final Hour Booking, I create show flyers and the occasional graphic/logo as well as maintain the website that I created. The promoter isn't around anymore, but I helped them stay afloat in their last days despite some unavoidable bad PR that eventually caused them to fold.

As for my history in the design industry, I found my love of Web Design not long after I got my first computer at the age of 13 years old. Since then, I have been tinkering around with stuff on the web, but it wasn't until I was 17 years old and nearly out of high school that I started to seriously consider it as a career.

In my 3D Animation Class at East Valley Institute of Technology in Mesa, Arizona I was exposed first hand to the industry. Although it was a 3D Animation Class, the Instructor being a former Web Design Instructor at that same school taught the class the basics of Web Design teaching them how to fuse their knowledge in 3D Animation with Web Design in order to make "3D Websites". Not only that, but he brought in live clients for the students to work with creating free Websites for several Phoenix Area Businesses.

I participated in several of these, and it was when I was 17 years old that I got my first paying web design job maintaining a Web Site for one of the clients that had previously been built a free Web Site.

Its been a while since that first paying job and I've learned a bunch in the passing years. After a few years doing freelance work I was personally affected by the great recession of 2008-2012 and I realized that it would be impossible to find more work until I had updated my skillset. I decided to go back to school, so I could not only update my skills, but also diversify them and certify that knowledge. I am now just about finished with two associates degrees in Web Development and Web Server Administration respectively and it is my wish to gain even more experience by helping you and/or your business/organization thrive with a custom web site.